Being a company with more than 20 years of experience, and thanks to really very good results reached, and to the impression which our young team gives us, we have decided to bring our professionalism to some different branches inside aviation.

We want to be a new concept of company in which services like handling, maintenance and air taxi win't be a wall to reach your purpose.

Our headquarters and administration are located in Barcelona's historic center.

These installations are also the file keeper and meeting center.

Our Maintenance, Operations and Handling departaments are based at Barcelona Insternational airport (LEBL) with the last software and hardware in the market and with enough logistic support to assist different kind of flights.

Together with other partnering companies we can extend our services to the main airports all over the world

sa226/227 our flagship

In January 1979 production of the Merlin IIIA ended in favour of the SA226-T(B) Merlin IIIB. The IIIB differed mainly by TPE331-10U engines of increased power driving four-bladed propellers turning in the opposite direction to those of earlier models. The SA227-TT Merlin IIIC was next, introduced concurrently with the SA227-AC Metro III (the first Metro III was Fairchild c/n AC-420 and the first Merlin IIIC was c/n TT-421, Metro and Merlin aircraft at this stage being numbered consecutively with different prefixes to denote the different types), and the SA227-AT Merlin IVC version of the Metro III followed shortly after (the first Merlin IVC was c/n AT-423). The Merlin IIIC was a redesign to incorporate structural and other changes but was visually the same as the Merlin IIIB, the redesign taking place to make the aircraft compliant with Special Federal Aviation Regulation 41 (SFAR-41). The Merlin IVC version was initially certified in 1980 at up to 14,000 pounds (6,350 kg) this increasing to 14,500 pounds (6,577 kg) as engines and structures were upgraded. An option to go as high as 16,000 pounds (7,257 kg) was offered. Other improvements incorporated into the Merlin IVC were a 10 ft (3.05 m) increase in wing span (achieved by the simple expedient of removing the wingtips from the Metro II wing, bolting an extension to the end of each wing, and fitting a new wingtip, redesigned to reduce drag), TPE331-11U engines with redesigned "quick-access" engine cowlings and driving four-bladed propellers as on the Merlin IIIB, and other drag-reducing airframe modifications including landing gear doors that close after the gear is extended. The US Army bought a second-hand Merlin IVC and operated it as the solitary UC-26C

Towards the end of production of the short-fuselage variants of the Merlin, optional winglets were offered. Ten of the last 25 SA227-TTs were built with the winglets as Merlin 300s. Production of short-fuselage Merlins ended in 1983 with the building of Merlin IIIC c/n TT-541. The last Merlin IVC (c/n AT-695B) was built in 1987 and Metro production ended in 1998


Some examples of major goods transported by our company are:

  • Automotive Spare parts.
  • Mail and parcels.
  • Live animals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • High value shipments, car radios, mobile phones,computer parts.
  • Valuables-cash, diplomatic mail, antiques,coins,art,...
  • Perishables
  • Oil & Gas equipment


Flightline chose the Metroliner because of its popularity for hauling cargo and its long range of 2.131 kms; it is a very popular aircraft throughout Europe for cargo.

Flightline offers to our customers an innovative stands air transport services for quality and timeliness.
In addition, our flexibility gives you the highest level of efficiency in each shipment. The experience of our company allows us to get where others canĀ“t.
We will keep you informed of the aircraft location and its cargo at all times.

Our Operators certificate is covering Europe and North Africa. We can transport Dangerous Goods.
We can offer you services for bigger payloads with our partnering operators.